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What if you knew about the same hidden elements found in stocks that are being used by profitable investors all around the world...

and have the ability to exploit them for your own investing portfolio?

You think investing is daunting?

Guess what?

Profitable and sustainable investing is tougher.

If you have already been investing, you would already know of this fact. 

When the market is going up, everyone makes money, everyone is happy. Everyone is an investor.

However, when the market starts turning on its head...

That's when many sad 'investors' start losing money, and many more get burnt.  

It's just as Warren Buffett said; "only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked."

What's the difference between a profitable investor and an average investor who can only grow their wealth during the good times? 

Short Answer:The stocks that they invest in.

Long Answer: 

In 1990, a group of academics set out to examine stocks that seem to do better than the rest.

They classified and grouped stocks based on specific characteristics; Value, Size, Quality, and many others.

Once they had valid sets of stocks, they looked through the historical performance of these stocks. 

They repeated this over long period of time, across different countries.

Soon, they noticed a trend. 

Stocks with certain characteristics typically do better than others. 

They released their results to the world with much anticipation.


Why are these characteristics not widely known?

They will be soon. 

But you see, the reports were released by academics. 

And their preferred mode of reporting is through journals. Financial journals.

Most people don't read financial journals. 

Heck, most people don't even read. 

Hence, what could have potentially changed the investing outcome of millions of investors in the past 27 years remained an open 'secret'.

With graditute in our hearts, we took this open secret and applied it in our investing.

And thus far, many of these characteristics are still outperforming the markets.

So..what are these characteristics?

These characteristics are also termed as 'Factors'. 

And they have recently been explained for the layman in the book "Your Complete Guide to Factor-Based Investing" by Andrew Berkin.

Spend 3 years testing and tweaking?

We spent 3 years testing, tweaking and figuring out how we can convert theory into application.

You can pick up Berkin's book and get started.


You can join us for a quick 2.5 hours introductory course:

Factor Based Investing Introductory Course

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Who is the Factor Based Investing Introductory Course for?

Active Investors who are seeking greater returns

You are already investing and are looking for ways to boost your investing returns over the long term.

Aspiring Investors with deployable capital who wants to shorten their learning curve

You have earned, saved up and set aside a deployable investing capital of at least S$5,000. 

You want to grow your capital through investing and want to avoid costly mistakes made by investors who have been there, done that.

Serious investors who understand the risk and efforts required

You understand that investing means taking upon a certain degree of risk. 

You are willing to seek out wider margins of safety for sustainable and realistic returns.

You understand that you will need to put in effort to invest successfully.

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Factor Based Investing Introductory Course

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What can I expect to learn at the Factor Based Investing Introductory Course?

What is Factor Based Investing and how it can help you invest for greater returns.

How we formulate our investing strategies to optimise the Factor effect.

What's next? How you can implement what you have learnt, and how you can fast forward your learning?

5 Factors proven to serve up better returns, and how independent investors can take advantage of them.

How you can tap into the same investing strategies to build a portfolio that grows consistently over time.

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Factor Based Investing Introductory Course


Who will be my trainer?


Alvin Chow

CEO and founder of Dr Wealth (& BigFatPurse) 

Author of Secret of Singapore Trading Gurus and Singapore Permanent Portfolio.

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Factor Based Investing Introductory Course


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